WDDS Designated Breastfeeding Area

Wilkes Developmental Day School appreciates your trust in us with the care and education of your child. Parental involvement is strongly encouraged. Therefore, parents are welcome and encouraged to visit our school at anytime! 

Our Parent Handbook describes many opportunities for you to become involved, including suggesting activities for your child's classroom. Our Parent Handbook can be viewed and downloaded from a link at the top of the page.

School Goals are developed from the information obtained from parent surveys.

The teacher will often share information about things happening in the program and wants to know about things the child is doing at home. 
The teacher asks about things that are important to the family and uses this information to help the child grow and learn. The parents receive written reports about the child at least twice a year. The program helps families get to know other families in the program and encourages families to support each other. The parents are always welcome at the program and are invited to participate by helping to plan events, being involved in decisions about the program and taking on leadership roles. 

Wilkes Developmental Day School welcomes Breastfeeding mothersWe understand the importance of breastfeeding for children and their mothers. 

We offer a private designated area just for breastfeeding purposes and encourage parents through education and resources to make a choice that is right for them and their family whatever that may be. We support you 100%.